I'm a tumblr. Born under punches.

I've now got not one, but two new blogs over at Tumblr, These are predominantly visual affairs where I'll be posting photos, artwork and graphics on a fairly random basis.

The first, called, imaginatively, DRAGNET is devoted to stuff of and by me only. So everything on that will be stuff I made or was part of. You may have seen some of it before, but I'm posting / reposting stuff in a more non linear fashion and some of the photos and other work have been considerably reworked from their original incarnations on flickr (where I'll still continue to post a more timeline-based photostream) and elsewhere.

The second one, DRAGNETFINDS is a catalogue of stuff I find and fall in love with either on tumblr or from the wider Internet. It's a giddy mix of fashion, (f)rock n roll, art and smut!

Both will have adult content, so beware if you're at your mum's, in your lunch break at work, or have a delicate disposition and are offended by depictions of nudity and depravity. Both are, of course, also extraordinarily pretty!

I'll still continue to do more long-form stuff here at this blog in my usual irregular and endearingly erratic fashion.

That is all. Kx

DRAGNET on tumblrDRAGNETFINDS on tumblr
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