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↑ I'm modelling the T-Shirt and CD £10 combo, nice huh?


Hi there, unfortunately everything except the download version of the SixtyNine album is now sold out! We'll be launching some new merchandise later this year to coincide with the release of our second album. Please subscribe to our mailing list or join Deathline on MySpace, Facebook or Twitter to receive updates! Thanks so much to everyone who bought.

Here is a list of links of online retailers where you can get hold of the SixtyNine download.

The ecommerce stuff on the rest of this page has been disabled.

It's not inexpensive maintaining the lifestyle of a z-list sleb. We all have to make ends meet and I work hard to keep myself liberally stocked with mid-priced champagne and class B drugs. So I urge you all this year to support your favourite androgynous freak by purchasing the fruits of my craft below.

Especially now we've slashed the prices on the remaining stock for the summer! Stock is limited so BUY NOW!!



You can save most if you buy both CD and shirt at once. You can buy each item separetly lower down on this page.


£13.50 SALE PRICE: £10 + P&H. Please select your location for correct postage.

UK orders Non-UK orders

Choose a T-Shirt size (L now sold out):

Deathline - SixtyNine (CD)

↑ SixtyNine inlay artwork. See inlay reverse with track listing.

My band Deathline's debut album, SixtyNIne, is out now on limited edition physical CD (100 copies only) on Rock Noir (NOIR1002).

As a special bribe incentive, all copies of the CD ordered here on the draGnet will be shipped with a beautiful signed, kissed photographic print of me. Yes! feel the gloss...

Preview the full album at


£6 SALE PRICE: £5 + P&H. (NOW POST FREE IN THE UK) Please select your location for correct postage.

UK orders non-UK orders

SixtyNine (download)

Or enjoy DRM-free downloads from the following retailers (no discount or freebies with these!):

Also available at eMusic, Napster and Rhapsody.

Acclaim for Deathline

"SixtyNine... Leaves you feeling dirty, liberated and wholly satisfied... an uncompromising debut, choc-full of melody, energy and promise." The Letter - read full review

"Kinda like a 21st century Sonny & Cher having lunch with The Raveonettes served by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' at Joy Division's greasy spoon cafe. Female-led duo wth a fine line in post artrock rumble that purrs like a new born kitten and shreds your skin like a tiger on speed." The Devil Has the Best Tuna

"The rock'n'roll economy of a power duo. Kaoru's distinctive fuzz-tone guitars and Jennie's dead-pan noir vocal (backed by) a ferocious drum machine deliver a garage-punk pop with shades of Jesus and Mary Chain, Ravonettes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Abrasive energy and tunes, a winning combination." Paul Cox, Artrocker

"Imagine Leonard Cohen singing a Billy Corgan ballad while J Mascis turns up the distortion." (no we don't get this one either, though we quite like it...) Dan Scratch, Camden New Journal"Seriously unworldly electronica new wave, this is glamour at it's darkest." On and Offstage

"Noir Rock with grinding drums that spit out short sharp bursts of venom and a broody as hell bass give this duo a minimal Jesus and Mary Chain like vibe. The sultry and cool as you like vocals from front woman Jennie come across like a punk-rock Nico. An amazing combination." Lee Puddefoot, Artrocker Magazine

Deathline - T-Shirt


Wear me and Jennie on your tits with this cool unisex white cotton t-shirt with a black and white screenprinted design.

Buy T-Shirt! SOLD OUT

£8 SALE PRICE: £6 + P&H. Please select your location for correct postage.

UK orders Non-UK orders

Choose a size (L now sold out):

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