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Well, another year is almost done and my birthday is coming round again tomorrow with its perennial and rather tedious punctuality. As has a certain annual festival also known for the giving and getting of gifts...

Normally I would wave a wan hand (or rather a wan mouse) towards my Amazon wishlist but this year is a little different.

See, what I want (really, really want) is if you would listen to and possibly consider buying my band's new album NOVA, which came out a few weeks ago on download and limited edition vinyl.

It's had some pretty great reviews so far and we're very proud of it. If you're the visual sort, you can watch a few videos of songs taken from the album here.

It's important to me because we did it all ourselves.

We put in the hours of writing, rehearsing and everything else, but we also paid the studio fees, the mastering and the production costs. We did it because we believe in what we make and feel really proud of what we've done.

It's hard to make money consistently and with longevity in the music business unless you're really really successful and the only real way to do it is to control the costs yourself.

I'm proud to have been able to say that we've broken even with Deathline until now. That's pretty amazing really, as it's, to all intents and purposes, an expensive hobby.

But somehow, with merch sales, gig fees, synchronisation and performance royalties on top of actual music sales, we've just about managed to scape even and keep it going - until we started producing this record which is probably the most expensive thing I've ever made (and you can sure hear it in the final tracks, I think).

Best present ever...

Deathline - NOVA front cover
Deathline - NOVA - front cover

That's why I'm asking you to think about giving me the best present ever and consider, if you like what you hear, buying NOVA to help us recoup the costs of its production.

It would mean an awful lot to me. I know I bang on endlessly about the music but it's one of the few things in life I truly care about and a bit of cash in return helps me and Jennie keep it going.

Deathline - NOVA back cover
Deathline - NOVA - back cover

Anyhow, I've said my bit.

You can buy the album on download and vinyl (which comes with a free download copy) at Bandcamp. We prefer that you use Bandcamp as we make a bigger cut, but if you prefer and find it easier, it's also available at iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify and pretty much everywhere else. Wherever you buy, we are very grateful.

Thanks very much and have a great holiday wherever you may be.

Meanwhile back in my heels... interview grab interview grab

I'm very happy that I was asked a few months ago to do a long, in-depth and very personal interview by the amazing Caramel Black at

The interview (and the whole site) is pretty NSFW but I hope you will enjoy reading it and my thoughts in respose to Cara's very incisive probing!

(Oh and cough Amazon wishlist...)


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