The epistolary insomniac (#2 in an occasional series)

Hey Maddie,

Sorry I've been a while responding. It's been absolutely mental down here the last few weeks. I'd go into detail but I'm worried I'd actually drop off (ha) while typing it. But yeah it's the dull kind of 'mental'.

It's good to hear that things are moving forward though perhaps that's a few too many things you're involved in for comfort.

I remember this management consultant type coming into my old work and telling is something along the lines of "it's as easy to change everything all at once as it is to change just one thing".


Bullshit, but I have found myself using that one and people nodding sagely. It's the sort of thing that sounds good until it actually happens. Anyway I hope it all goes well That interview sounds kind of weird though...

I went to dinner at the top of Heron Tower after the gig last night. It was amazing though I didn't realise how late it was until we left and I checked my phone – 2am!

Predictably, I woke up before 6 having slept badly and couldn't get back off so I went for a walk round Spitalfields. The City's peculiar at dawn on a weekend. Lots of mess being cleared. Still a few stragglers. But close to a ghost town. Quite like it.

Apparently Dave also rose at the crack due to jet lag and left Col's early so no breakfast meetup,I found out, as I'd almost walked all the way to Newington Green. Doh. So I hopped on the 56 to Smithfield and have just had poached eggs on toast. Going into Soho to run an errand then back for a nap I think before going out.

Oh. I had the most peculiar bout last week. It was after getting the last tube home. I saw this beautiful person on that train. All cut-crystal cheekbones and blond side parting with a subtle assymetric shaveunder. They was scribbling notes and listening to music in a black biker jacket, pale as a dove in an ULTERIOR t-shirt and drainpipes.

I noticed furtive glances in my direction, as stolen as the ones I gave in return. Only as they rose to leave two stops before me did I realise it was a woman, or perhaps FTM. I'm not sure I'm misgendering if I mention both possibilities as s/he was as cool as (gender)fuck and had a precise, poised and fuck you attitude, to (pointy, cuban-heeled) boot.

After that level of excitement I knew I would not be welcomed by sleep, but even by my standards I had the strangest episode.

As you know, normally it's no sleep at all, or long bouts of sleeplessness at both ends sandwiching a fitful hour or three, but that nightI seemed to sleep in precise chunks of 30 minutes. With gaps in between when I was awake for 10-20 mins. It was almost like clockwork, as (I know I shouldn't) I checked the time on my phone every time I woke.Must have got about 5-6 hours but all in the form of naps

Better than no sleep but a bit unsettling.

The day after I was no good to anyone.

Ah well.

Let me know how it goes.


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