So someone called Svetlana Shlueva added me as a contact yesterday on flickr. She claims to be a young transsexual woman in transition on her profile. Her photos are certainly convincing!

I couldn't help noticing though, that one of 'her' photos was actually of me from earlier this year.

Here's her version, ironically titled "This is true"

And my own.

↑ fakr
Mine has date precedence (EXIF showing it was taken back in January), hi res versions, geolocation and is surrounded by photos from the same shoot. I even blogged about it back in February. Hers has none of these things and was apparently taken in May 2010. I pointed out the obvious fakery in a comment and demanded that she remove the photo. Last night the comment was deleted and I was blocked. The photo's still there. Friends, please take what action you deem necessary!

Update - 19:46

Update. Job done - thanks to all who helped with my impostor

Thanks to everyone who helped!

Now I just feel a bit dirty...

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