#Titlewatch - April 2010

#titlewatch - April 2010 update

#titlewatch is an experiment examining the perception of gender and personal address, where I tot up monthly the number of times I'm addressed by male / female titles in public over a year from April 2010 - March 2011.


I spent the first few days of April in the North of England, first in my company's office in Manchester, then weekending over Easter with my partner's family in North Yorkshire. There was a noticeably higher incidence of use of female words of address for the whole period I was in the North.

Most of the rest of the month was spent around my home and work in Islington, North London, and the spread of gender of address was far more skewed towards male words.

Over the bank holiday weekend at the end of April, I was in an Italian restaturant in Surrey with my parents and was called 'Signora' by one of the waiters, which made me feel terribly laa-dee-daa!

April 2010 Result

Male 9-7 Female
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